If PDF file is not opening, then recover data like this


You will be able to restore the PDF file as an original.

If the PDF file is not opening, then it means that it is corrupted. In such a situation it becomes very difficult to recover data. Telling you some ways, with the help of which the entire PDF file can be repaired and you will be able to restore the PDF file as an original …

Use PDF Reader

If you think there is a problem with your PDF file, first check Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is the most common PDF viewer. First of all, see whether the program is running on the latest version. Check for Updates. There will be a new version here, you will be told whether the program is up-to-date or is running on the old version, then you will be asked to install the update. Now open your PDF and try. If this also does not work, then open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then navigate to Help> Repair Installation. If there is any problem with the file, it will be fixed. If your PDF file is still not opening, then go to Apps and search on Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then uninstall it. After that go to Adobe’s website and install the latest version. If the file does not open even after this, then you can take the help of the Alternative PDF Reader.

Alternative reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is not only an option to view PDF, but you can also try different programs. Foxit Reader and Sumatra PDF Reader are free. After downloading it, try opening your corrupted PDF file here. Apart from this, you can also try Ocular and Ivins. Where other software does not work, it easily opens the file, as it uses a different method to read the PDF file. If even after this the PDF file is not opening, then now you should focus on repairing your PDF file.

Here’s how to repair

You can also take help of third-party applications to repair PDA files. For this, restore the previous file version. For this, Windows 10 has a build-in backup facility. For this you go to Update and Security> Backup. If you enable this feature, then restore the earlier version of PDF using the File History feature. After that open the file explorer and navigate to the file. Then right-click and restore the previous version. After this, here you will see a list of old version files in the backup. Open the copy here, then click the restore button. A similar technique is used for data recovery in Recuva. Which scans your drive, so that old files of the system also appear. If you have removed the PDF file, it will also be found here.


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