If you are bored with the old Android phone, then here are the ways to give a new look


Let’s know about similar Android launcher

Whether your phone is new or old, if you do not like the home screen and some of its functions, then you should install the Android Launcher app. The good thing is that you will also get some different features in the launcher app, which will change the experience of using the phone completely. Let’s know about some similar Android launcher …

Action launcher

If you are using an old Android phone and you don’t like the phone’s home screen anymore, then you can try the Action Launcher application. With this, you will get features like Pixel Launcher on your phone. It gives you the feel of stock Android. Due to its customization and unique features, the phone’s home screen will look completely changed. It has a QuickTime feature, with the help of which the color of the UI can be customized. In this, circular folder style, date widget, etc. will be found like Pixel Launcher. The icons will be automatically recessed in it. You can also customize the Google search bar with a shortcut here. Its features will give the feel of Android Oreo. This app supports Android 5.1 or above.

ADW launcher 2

This launcher is equipped with advanced features. Here you will find many modern features with launcher shortcuts, customization options, extensions. Its specialty is that here you can create your own widget. In this, you will find a new way to change the wallpaper, lock / unlock. In addition, a dynamic UI color option has also been given in this language. In this, you will also get a new way of managing the screen. You can choose the drawer style to make the app scroll faster. Also, apart from the top panel / widget of the home screen, you can also change the bottom panel. Many extensions can also be added with this launcher.

Apex launcher

This is a very iconic launcher app. Here not only do you get strokes android look and feel, but you also get some different features in it. This launcher will completely change your home screen. In this, you can customize the home screen grid size according to your own and 9 home screens are given. You can also hide the search bar, state bar, dock, etc. Custom icons and labels will also be available for shortcuts and folders. Also you can choose the drawer according to your own. You also get the facility of Advanced Theme Engine.


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