No one will see you are online on WhatsApp, try this trick


Others can see that you are online while using the messaging service WhatsApp. On Facebook’s proprietary app, you can hide blue tick and last-scene but there is no option to hide online status. In such a situation, we have brought a special trick, which can help you, and after that others will not be able to see you online.

You can blue-tick or hide your last seen on WhatsApp, but whenever you are using the app, those who open the chat window are seen online. In such a situation, you come online on WhatsApp, and others do not know, such option is not found on the app. On seeing you online, many such users also start messaging, which you do not want to reply to.
Many social media applications have the option to hide their online status, but this is not the case with WhatsApp. Maybe you are chatting on WhatsApp till late at night and do not want anyone to see you online. On Facebook, the platform that offers WhatsApp, users also get the option to turn off their online status. Users can use Facebook without appearing online, but this option is not available in WhatsApp.

Option in Modified App

Users may not find this feature on WhatsApp, but a modified version of the app can prove useful in such a situation. If it is very important for you to hide your online status, then the modified versions of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and Yo WhatsApp can be taken. If you talk about GBWhatsApp, then its apk can be downloaded and installed from the web.

Follow these steps

After installing GBWhatsApp in the smartphone, verify it, and create a security PIN. Now follow these steps
– Open GBWhatsApp on your phone.
– Tap on the three dots appearing in the top right corner of the screen.
– From the options that appear, go to ‘Settings’ and privacy settings.
– Now select Hide Online Status in many options that appear.

After changing the settings GBWhatsapp will restart and you will not see anyone online. However, users are advised to use official WhatsApp only and it is better to use GBWhatsapp only when it is very important.


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