POSPON releases beta 1 version of Android 11, will be launched at an online event on June 3


Google has launched the first beta version of Android 11 for a month. It will now be launched on June 3. Its launch event will be held online.

California (ANI). Google has extended the launch date of the first beta version of Android 11 by one month. On Wednesday, Google released its fourth developer preview. This first beta version of Google will be officially launched on June 3. An online event will be organized for its launch. Let’s know about its launch, launch event, and what the Android developer team has to say about it.

Beta 1 will now release on June 3

Google’s Android developer team posted a blog, writing, ‘When we were planning Android 11, we were not expecting such a challenge. This challenge is troubling us and many other countries of the world. Because of this, Flexibley will have to live and find new ways to work together … especially for our developer community. ‘ There is talk about the Corona epidemic that is affecting companies around the world.

When will beta 2 and 3 be released

The Android team went on to say, ‘In order to emerge from such a challenge and work together, we have changed our release timeline. We are releasing the fourth developer preview today and beta 1 we will release on June 3. Whereas Beta 2 will be released in July and Beta 3 in August.


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