Send WhatsApp messages without touching smartphone, make WhatsApp video-audio calls


Users get a lot of features and tricks on the messaging platform WhatsApp, but many options you don’t know yet. If you want to send a message on WhatsApp without having to touch the smartphone and make video or audio calls, then an easy option is available. In addition to Android smartphones, this option is also available on the iPhone.

If you do not like to pick up the phone, again and again, to reply to WhatsApp messages, then WhatsApp messages can be sent without even touching the phone. Similarly, if you want to open WhatsApp call (audio/video) on a smartphone without a social messaging app, then there is an easy option. This can be done with the help of Google Assistant on Android Smartphone and Siri Assistant of Apple on iPhone.

If you are using an Android smartphone, then Google Assistant can be turned on by saying ‘Ok Google’. Similarly, if you are on iPhone iOS 10.3 or later on Apple, you can give voice commands by saying ‘Hey Siri’. On Apple, you have to integrate into Siri Assistant WhatsApp. There is no need to do this integration separately in Android smartphones.
On iPhone

– Open your iPhone settings.
After this, go to the Siri and Search section.
– Now you have to turn on the ‘Listen for Hey Siri’ option.
You can also enable Siri by pressing on Home instead.
– Siri can be enabled by pressing the side button in Apple iPhone X or any other device.
– After this, you have to scroll down and tap on WhatsApp.
– Now turn on ‘Use with asking i’.
Now by speaking easily, you will not only be able to send WhatsApp messages but can also make video or audio calls.
– You have to give commands like Send Whatsapp Message or Make Whatsapp Call.

On Android smartphones

– Google Assistant should be turned on when you speak Ok Google in your smartphone, if it does not, then go to Google Settings and enable it.
– After Google Assistant is open, you have to give voice commands.
– After giving the command Send Whatsapp Message to XYZ, the assistant will ask for the message.

– The message will be typed as soon as you speak and will be sent to the XYZ contact.
Similarly, you can call someone on WhatsApp by giving the command Call XYZ on Whatsapp.
– Instead of XYZ, you have to say the name of the contact and you will be able to make a video call by giving the same command.


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