The company took this big step for those writing indecent language on Twitter


Alert will be sent on behalf of the company before twit users.

The company has taken a big step to stop the use of abusive language on Twitter. Now before sending the tweet to the users, an alert will be sent by the company. The company said in a statement on Tuesday that a test is being conducted on iOS that will prompt people if the language of their tweet is derogatory.

In this new feature, Twitter is also testing that in which users will also get suggestions to edit it before reply. According to a senior social media official, iOS users will get a notification before sending anything. In which users will be asked for offensive language and asked if this tweet makes a correct argument or its language is abusive?

At the same time, to prevent the use of offensive language on social media, Instagram (Instagram) also launched such a feature last year. In which users get a warning before posting. The company said in a later statement about this feature that its results have been positive.

Let me tell you that a few days ago, Twitter users had to face some difficulties in sending messages. In this regard, it was written from the official account of Twitter support, ‘We are facing some problems in sending messages right now. It is possible that you are getting message notifications, but the message sent does not appear. As soon as this problem is fixed, we will inform you.


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