This smart patch on the throat will tell whether you have corona or not.


A special kind of smart patch has been prepared, which can be detected only by hugging if you have early symptoms of the coronavirus (Kovid-19). Made from soft silicone material, this smart patch alerts healthcare staff before symptoms of the coronavirus emerge, which helps a lot in treatment. This particular smart patch has been developed by Northwestern University. Currently, more than two dozen affected people are using this patch developed by the team of Northwestern University.

How this smart patchworks

This smart patch is designed to monitor your cough, breath, heart rate, and body temperature. All the user’s data is sent to a cloud server where the signs of the disease are detected based on the algorithm. After this, the system sends a graphical summary of symptoms of coronavirus to the physician, who can use this data in the treatment.

Wireless charging capability

This smart patch is wirelessly charged. The special thing is that this device does not have any wires, electrodes, charge ports, or removable batteries, so it can be worn while bathing. Its custom algorithm has been designed by the scientist of Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.


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