Turn off calling feature on WhatsApp, this is the way


Chatting on the messaging platform WhatsApp is not good but is not necessary, you will like the incoming calls on it. Many times it happens that the voice or video call is made in front of a message when it is not responded to. Apart from this, in many pop-up camera phones, the camera automatically pops up when a video call is received. Disable or turn off voice calling feature is not available on WhatsApp, in such a situation it becomes compulsory to turn off data.

If you want to turn off the video and voice calls on WhatsApp and do not want anyone to contact WhatsApp to bother you, then some tricks can be taken help. You can have many reasons to block WhatsApp calling feature but no such feature is available officially. If you want to block WhatsApp calls from anyone or select users, then it is better to block them by going to Settings. They can be unblocked to start chatting again.

Change settings on WhatsApp
If you do not want any WhatsApp voice or video call to disturb you, you can change the settings of the app. Go to WhatsApp settings and tap on Notifications. After this, you will see the Ringtone option in the call notifications. After tapping on it select None in the ringtone and OK. Tap on the Vibrate option shown below it and turn it off. After this, you will not disturb any ringtone or vibration when you get a WhatsApp call and the good thing is that which call was missed will also be known.

Get help from third-party apps
Keep in mind that you want to make calls off and the rest of the contacts will get the calling option. This is the reason why this feature cannot be completely turned off but the help of some third-party apps can be taken. You can download the Disable Whatsapp Call apk from the website and with this help, WhatsApp Call can be blocked. Apart from this, the custom version of WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp, or Whatsapp Plus also offers the option to disable the calling feature in the settings, but these methods are not completely safe.


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