With these tools, you will be able to make your Twitter account smarter


There are many Twitter tools that can make it more useful with the help of

The microblogging platform Twitter is very popular in India. If you are also acquited on this platform, then you will have lost a lot of time in managing your account. But there are many such Twitter tools, with the help of which it can be made more useful…

The schedule will be able to tweet
To increase followers on Twitter, it is necessary to keep tweeting regularly. But it may be that in the absence of time you are not able to tweet every hour or all day. In this case, you can use the Tweetdeck web application. With this help, you can schedule the tweet in advance. When you create a new tweet with the help of the quill icon, which appears on the top left. You type your tweet in the text box here. Then you can post it on tap directly on the tweet or you can use the schedule tweet function to schedule it in advance. In this, time and date have to be set to schedule the tweet. Then the tweet will be sent automatically at that time. For this, Tweetdeck will have to log in with their Twitter account.

Use hashtags
Usually, users who are active on Twitter very much, it is not easy for them to think of different hashtags of tweets every time. If you also do not think of a new hashtag, then you can use the Rete Tag tool for Twitter. This is a better tool for the right hashtag with your tweet, with the help of which you can easily know which hashtag can be better with your tweet. For this, there is a search option on the left side at the top of the site, here you can see the topics according to the field of your choice. Then it shows the most popular hashtag based on your topics. Not only this, but we can also know how many times that hashtag has been used. It supports Android, iOS, and Chrome browsers.

Make the image shareable
If you also share the image with your tweet, then it attracts more people. But to create a different type of photo, you do not know the basics of Photoshop or if you do not have much knowledge of photo editing, then with the help of Pablo, you can prepare better photos to share faster. Its specialty is that you can change the background of the photo, you can add or write text on it as well as change the font and change its alignment. Then you can easily share it on Twitter. Here you will get thousands of photos, which can make your post more beautiful.


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